Anna Allen Clothing is a sewing pattern company with a focus on timeless modern designs inspired by the simplicity and quality of yesterday's garments. I want my clothing to be both practical and beautiful -- a garment that you can feel pride in having made yourself! I strive to create patterns that will complement your wardrobe, and remain wearable for years to come. My patterns include detailed illustrations and concise step-by-step instructions. I hope you will find them both satisfying to sew and enjoyable to wear!


I’ve been sewing practically my whole life. I started sewing professionally in 2003 when I developed an interest in historical clothing. My interests have evolved over the years, and now I create modern patterns for home sewists. My job these days includes drafting patterns, writing instructions, drawing illustrations, sewing samples, and modeling/photographing the finished garments. I can honestly say that I enjoy every aspect of what I do. Because I don’t believe in big business, growing slowly and staying small enough to handle the day-to-day responsibilities myself feels right. Nevertheless, I owe a huge debt of gratitude to the many pattern testers who have helped me fine-tune patterns over the years (THANK YOU!), and the support and helpful constructive criticism I have received from friends and members of the sewing community.


Pattern making is something I took up later in my sewing career, after I had been sewing historical clothing for quite a few years. I also had experience draping patterns, but hadn't tried flat pattern drafting, because it looked too complicated. At that time, I discovered the book “Design-it-yourself Clothes: Patternmaking Simplified” by Cal Patch (2009). This book opened my eyes to flat pattern making, and helped me see that I had the ability to draft my own patterns. So I drafted my first sewing pattern (shown here). In 2010, I started sewing some of my own designs from patterns I drafted, and selling them in my Etsy shop. Sometimes it feels just like yesterday! I never thought I would get to the point where I could create sewing patterns that many people would actually want to make and wear. But I am so happy to see the depth of interest from people like you!


It’s a great feeling being able to share my sewing patterns with so many people all over the world. If I can inspire just one person to start sewing their own clothing, I feel like a success! I don’t believe you’re ever too old to learn a new skill (I’m reminded of Julia Child, who enrolled in culinary school at age 37). Sewing has been so rewarding to me personally throughout my life, and continues to bring me joy. I can’t wait to show you my next pattern -- but until then, please enjoy looking through my current set of patterns. I hope you will view these patterns as wardrobe staples that you'll want to make and wear again and again. If you have any questions or comments, please feel free to send me an email: anna@annaallenclothing.com